Main ETAP Automation Offices

ETAP Automation Inc. - USA

ETAP Brasil - South America

ETAP Automation B.V. - Europe

ETAP Automation FZ LLC - Middle East

ETAP Automation Pvt. Ltd. - India

ETAP China (Nanjing) Computer Technology, Co. Ltd.

ETAP Automation offers sales and support of ETAP® products. It also specializes in value-added power system engineering consulting and analysis for the implementation of ETAP Real-Time™.

With six main offices and more than 75 sales and support offices around the globe, ETAP Automation is your system integrator and solution provider for full spectrum analytical engineering services, specializing in the planning, design, analysis, operation, training, and computer simulation of power systems.

ETAP is the most comprehensive power system enterprise solution in the market. With more than 50,000 licenses in over 100 countries, ETAP serves the power system needs from generation to utilization. ETAP Real-Time™ software provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization, and real-time prediction. Through continuous monitoring, simulation, and optimization of electrical, process, manufacturing, and management systems that are in place, ETAP Real-Time can maximize the entire production process, reduce losses, and increase profits.

ETAP Automation implements the power systems solution clients need for all their analysis, design, and management needs.